Landhotel Hühnerhof
Inh. Familie Gande
Äusserer Talhof 2
78532 Tuttlingen
Tel.: 07461- 96 55 0
Fax 07461- 16 11 80


Welcome to the environmentally friendly Landhotel Hühnerhof - our Slogan "The First , you see is Green."


Ecology = long term economy


Our operations are tailored to the future. We believe that the foundations for our common future are built on the preservation and nurture of our common environment.


Thus, we are guided by the principles of environmentally friendly, modern and sustainable management. We handle raw materials with care, using environmentally friendly procedures, and avoiding harmful products. To us, environmental protection in the hotel means utilising intelligent technology, while offering our guests the highest level of comfort. We work towards the progressive improvement of our operations and continuously review those environ-mental goals we have already met.


Our principle is to actively involve our staff and our guests in our goal of protecting and preserving the environment, to remain open to both criticism and suggestions, and to explore new avenues, while preserving what has already been achieved. As a model environmentally friendly hotel, we wish to encourage others to follow our example. This applies to other hotels, suppliers, guests, partners, neighbours and companies who take their commitment to the future as seriously as we do.